Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Straight Cuckold's Guide to Eating Cum

Hot 'n creamy semen straight from your wife


Eat another man's cum?! You've got to be kidding!!  

Not at all. Cum cleanup is a long-recognized fetish for many cuckolds. Not all cucks are into it, but it's a popular and common part of the lifestyle for many. Cucks who have tried it know the smell and taste of another man's semen dripping out of our wife is a highly powerful aphrodisiac! 

Thinking about licking your lady clean after she's had sex with someone else does not make you gay! It doesn't even make you bi. It's simply another part of being cuck. If you have no interest in cum eating, that's fine. There are plenty of other cuckold activities to keep you busy. Read on if you've been wondering about having your first taste of bull seed spilling out of your wife's recently screwed cunt.

Does semen taste good?

It can. But most heterosexual men aren't psychologically inclined to like it at first. However many grow to really like it. They believe cum  tastes much better after it's been inside their wife. It's all psychological. The turn-on is that another man just poured his semen in your wife. 

The taste of the sperm is secondary to the knowledge of what she has been engaged in sexual intercourse with another man. To really enjoy cum eating you should get used to its flavor, which generally runs to the "starchy" or salty side of things. There are ways to improve its taste:

·        Semen is better when it comes from a non-smoker and light drinker.
·        The primary ingredient from the prostate is fructose, or fruit sugar.  Taste can be dramatically improved by her bull eating fruit, especially pineapple.
·        Diets high in fatty foods can degrade the taste.
·        If your girl needs extra vaginal lubrication, opt for one that's flavored and water-       based. Stay away from silicone-based lubricants.
·        Spermicidal cream can affect the flavor of cum. Try different brands.
·        Younger men - especially those 18 to 22 - have the best tasting semen.

Start by eating your own cum

The best way to get used to eating another man's cum is to sample your own. But there's a problem with this: human males are designed so that our sexual urges drop fast after we've ejaculated. You may find that you lose any interest in eating cum the moment you finish spurting. This is perfectly normal, and has to do with the release of hormones when we orgasm. During this "refractory period" you won't be much interested in tasting your sperm, or anyone else's. In fact, it'll be hard for you to have another erection.

The trick is to lick up your sperm immediately after you've cum, or even while you’re still ejaculating. Masturbate while you fantasize about tasting cum and at the moment you ejaculate and while you're still cumming and shooting, lick up what's emptied so far. Try this several times repeatedly to get the hang of it.  It also helps to try and maintain your sexual arousal as long as possible after ejaculating. Keep watching the porn or whatever you focused on while masturbating after you've licked your sperm. Why? It gets you used to maintaining libido after ejaculation. That's important. Keep fondling your soft cock to learn how to keep up the sexual interest. With practice you'll be able to enjoy licking your own cum even several minutes after you've ejaculated.

Licking your own cum from your wife's pussy

When you get to the point that you can lick your own cum after masturbating you are ready to try cleaning up your wife’s pussy after you fuck her. You may want to tell her ahead of time what you will do, or you can surprise her if you wish. If you tell her ahead of time though you will have more motivation to go through with it.

I like to work up a good cuckold fantasy while fucking as it helps me do it afterward, even if I feel the desire waning after I cum. When you’re ready to try this remember one thing. If you shoot your cum deep inside her pussy then most of it will stay too deep to reach, unless you shoot a really large load. So when you're ready to cum, pull your cock partly out so that only the first inch or two is inside her pussy. If you need to you can use your hand to finish yourself off but what you want to do is pull back just far enough so that your cum gets drained right inside her opening.

Try to shoot as much and as hard as you can. As soon as you finish do not wait. Slide down immediately and go down on her. If your cum is not already flowing out while she's on her back, flip her over on all-fours and position yourself under her, or have her straddle your face.

Your wife's bull is done: Now it's your turn

Now that you've gotten used to the taste of cum and cleaning up your wife’s pussy after sex, you're ready for the Big League: cleaning up after ANOTHER man has had sex with your lady. 

You'll find that you'll be more willing to lick her dry if you haven't yet cum yourself. If you're tempted to masturbate while your wife is busy fucking, then try not to reach an orgasm. You may also want to try and withhold having any sex or orgasms for as long as you can stand it before someone else fucks her. You will find that this significantly increases your libido and you will be more eager to clean her up after she fucks someone else. It also helps give you powerful orgasms when you finally cum. And I mean super powerful spurts that make your teeth swim!

When it’s time for the big event, make sure the Bull knows what you want to do. If you watch them fuck, so much the better, as that will excite you more and you will be ready to go as soon as he’s finished. If you are not in the room then they need to call you in the moment he has finished cumming inside her. He needs to move aside immediately, and your wife should spread her legs and plant her feet wide apart to give you good access, as well as a good view. 

Ideally, if the room is lit, you should see his sperm at her entrance as soon as you get close. If it’s dark you may have to use your tongue to find out if there is sperm at her opening. If there is none, remember that a woman's vagina is tilted backward, toward her tailbone. If she’s on her back, most of his cum will flow backward, toward her cervix and away from her pussy opening.  She may need to sit up or lean back on a pillow to get it flowing toward the opening. You can also have her flip over on her tummy, or have her straddle your face. If the cum is trapped deep, you may need to use a finger to coax it to start flowing. Once it does, using your tongue to probe deep should keep it going. Getting all the cum will take several minutes, and then you will notice that the sharp taste will begin to subside when she is clean.

Hopefully if you follow this you'll soon be enjoying every drop other men spill inside your wife, and you'll be glad to be the one cleaning her up after her extramarital affairs!

Fun cum facts...

·        The longer the cum stays inside your wife, the more it'll be absorbed into her body. To get the most out, clean her quickly as you can after her Bull has fucked her.

·        The more time that passes the thinner cum gets. This makes it run out faster, so even if you can’t get to it immediately, with the passing of five or ten minutes it will begin to drip out.

·        Younger men tend to shoot more than older guys. Encourage your wife - cougar MILF or not! - to indulge her hot wife lifestyle with a college-age kid.